Weleda Ratanhia Toothpaste Review

Weleda Ratanhia Toothpaste
Weleda Ratanhia

Product Name: Weleda Ratanhia Toothpaste

Product Description: Weleda Ratanhia toothpaste is not as good as other toothpaste from Weleda, so I suggest you look at other Weleda toothpaste reviews on this website.

  • Teeth Cleaning - 95
  • Health Rate - 68



  • No Fluoride
  • No SLS
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Preservatives


  • Contains Xanthan Gum
  • Contains Alumina

Weleda is one of the most popular brands. Weleda is selling health products since 1921. Not only are they a leading brand in the toothpaste market, but they are also having decent products for the face, body, and hair. But I will focus our Weleda review on Weleda Ratanhia Toothpaste. And from the start, I will say that this is not the best toothpaste Weleda made. We already did reviews of Weleda Natural Salt Toothpaste and Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste, and so far, Salt toothpaste is way better than others.Weleda Ratanhia
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Weleda Ratanhia Toothpaste Ingredients

Ratanhia toothpaste is having few questionable ingredients that many people like to avoid in their mouths. One of them is Xanthan Gum. Like many times before, we said; Xanthan Gum is additive and is really not needed in toothpaste. Many other kinds of toothpaste do not use this ingredient. Also, little kids and pregnant women should avoid products containing Xanthan Gum at all costs.

Glycerine is another component that is not needed in toothpaste. Toothpaste manufacturers use this element to make a more soft feeling. So customers like that pasty taste in their mouth. So it is a marketing trick and not really a valuable health component. And when something is inside toothpaste to make you more money, you can have a big question mark about this component’s health benefits.

Alumina, or, in other words, Aluminum Dioxide, is another question mark on natural toothpaste. How come this ingredient can be natural. Also, what are the health benefits of putting Aluminum Dioxide in your mouth? People in the modern-day avoid all kinds of metal dust near them, and here we have Aluminum Dioxide in toothpaste. And there is also Magnesium Aluminum Silicate which passed many scientific tests and is listed as safe. But please read the full details about these scientific researchers about Magnesium Aluminum Silicate. By reading that, I will just avoid products with that ingredient because there are some signs that this element could be carcinogenic.

Limonene is an element that can trigger allergic reactions in people that are prone to allergies. Also, this toothpaste uses Alcohol. Why on earth do you want alcohol in toothpaste. We must be happy there are no more heavy drugs inside this toothpaste.

Good parts of this toothpaste are essential oils that are derived naturally. Also, extract from Ratanhia can have many health benefits. Ratanhia is the native plant in Bolivia and Peru. Native people in Bolivia and Peru used this plant to strengthen their teeth and make their gums healthy.

I must admit that I don’t like this Weleda toothpaste. Too many possibly dangerous ingredients can actually harm your health in the long run. Using Aluminium in your mouth every day brings a big question mark over my head. That absolutely makes no sense. If you are interested in a healthy product and don’t want to change your brand, you want to stay with Weleda. I suggest you use Weleda Salt Toothpaste. Weleda Salt Toothpaste has no questionable ingredients, and I am sure it will clean your teeth as well as any other conventional or natural toothpaste.

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