Fluoride-Free Travel Natural Toothpaste by Toms of Maine Review

Toms of Maine Toothpaste - Travel Fluoride Free
  • Teeth Cleaning - 89
  • Health Rate - 63



  • Fluoride Free


  • Contains SLS
  • Contains Carrageenan

Toms of Maine is a well-known company in oral health. They have many different types of toothpaste. And they do care about their product. That is the reason they list all of the ingredients on their website, so you and everyone else can see what is inside their toothpaste. And I need to be grateful for that. They are not hiding anything, and they let the customer choose. The good news about this Toms toothpaste is that it does not contain Fluoride. Maybe this is not best Toms natural toothpaste, but it is one of the better travel toothpaste on the market.

I reviewed a few weeks ago Toms of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-Free toothpaste. Rates were not good. Toothpaste was rated with 3.8/10. The reason for such a low rate is ingredients. Ingredients that are not natural and some of them pose a significant concern for human health. Sadly, nothing much has changed since then. Toms of Maine still use many problematic components in their toothpaste, and I can’t rate this toothpaste high.Toms of Maine Toothpaste
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Some of the problematic ingredients in Travel Natural Toothpaste:

Hydrated Silica – they have explained everything nicely on their website. But they are missing the point that this element is not needed in toothpaste. We need health quality, and we don’t care about gel quality. I know a majority of people still look at the tube outfit, taste, and gel quality. And that is the only reason Toms of Maine toothpaste still has Silica. The simple answer is to sell more, and I can’t argue with them. If people are stupid enough to buy, why not sell them.

Sorbitol – a sweetener. They still use it. They say it is naturally found in fruits and berries. That is true. But their comes from corn. I wonder if this corn is GMO grown corn. Not only is artificially extracted, but it is also made most probably from GMO corn.

Glycerin – another substance that is not needed in toothpaste. But with glycerin toothpaste tastes better. It gives better feeling while brushing and flavor taste is prolonged. In other words, toothpaste with this ingredient sell better, but at the same time are less healthier since glycerin is artificially made.

Xylitol – very bad thing for dogs. Keep your dog away from this toothpaste. Also, Toms of Maine website says they are getting Xylitol from corn. And this corn is most probably GMO grown corn.

SLS – we already know that this thing is bad as Fluoride and many natural toothpaste brands are dropping this substance from their formula. But not Toms of Maine. They even said on their website that SLS is not the problem in their toothpaste. But they know that SLS is the problem in their business, that’s why they offer SLS free products. People are not dumb; they know what is wrong with SLS.

Xanthan Gum – is not tested enough. That why I recommend picking a safer side. Find toothpaste without it. If you are a pregnant woman, you should not use this toothpaste. Same can be said for little kids.

Carrageenan – they use this carcinogenic ingredient so that they toothpaste gets the form that people expect from it. In other words, with this inside, this toothpaste sells more.

Benzyl Alcohol – Now this part is funny. When describing all other ingredients, Toms of Maine is so proud that they don’t use alcohol, but then at the end, you see that they use a whole new ingredient of alcohol. And they don’t use it to make your teeth healthier. They use it so their toothpaste tastes better, so more people buy it.

So you see now how business with toothpaste look. So many stuff inside the formula that is not helping your teeth. They use it to sell more. That is sad, because if something is natural, then it should be natural and healthy. Because people that buy natural products are looking for healthy products and they should not care about toothpaste form, gel quality or taste. But sadly many confused people are still not awake to the level that they will recognize bullshit.

If you like to read what Toms of Maine says about this ingredient you can do that here: Toms of Maine Ingredients

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