Thai Original Traditional Toothpaste – Viset Niyom

Viset Niyom
  • Teeth Cleaning - 100
  • Health Rate - 75



  • No Fluoride
  • No SLS
  • Uses Natural Plant Essence from Thailand
  • Old Traditional Thailand Toothpaste
  • No Chemicals


  • Camphor in large doses is not advisable, but probably the dosage in this toothpaste is very low.

I spend hours on a search for a new toothpaste that can be good for the website. Like you maybe know, or you don’t know, I am only reviewing good stuff because I got in trouble when I reviewed some kinds of toothpaste badly. It is a hard job to find decent toothpaste on the market. I just check the latest natural toothpaste brands on Amazon, and I saw dozens of natural tubes of toothpaste that contain sodium benzoate. One of them even had sodium lauryl sulfate. I really wanted to introduce these kinds of toothpaste that claim to be natural and then use hazardous ingredients or potentially dangerous stuff, especially if it is mixed with other components. These kinds of toothpaste can be labeled natural by the law, but you should avoid them at all costs. If they are not listed on, then you better avoid them.

Instead of bashing the toothpaste that I will never put in my mouth, I decided to review one old traditional toothpaste from Thailand. Viset Niyom is traditional toothpaste that is used for many years in Thailand. Toothpaste is exceptionally effective in removing stains built over time by drinking too much coffee or smoking too many cigarettes. It is a perfect healing powder that can help against rashes and itching.

Thailand Toothpaste

Viset Niyom

Viset Niyom Toothpaste Ingredients

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is very useful in teeth cleaning. It is the first ingredient that can fight plaque. Calcium carbonate is also a mineral which means that it can be used as a component to remineralize teeth. Calcium carbonate is actually natural chalk, and there is no harm in it.


Camphor is a component that is derived from the Camphor tree. It is used in many other cosmetic products. It is perfect for treating and cleaning the skin. Because of that, Viset Niyom powder can be used as a cosmetic for your skin. Camphor has strong antifungal properties, and that makes it ideal for a toothpaste formula. It will make toothpaste last long without the risk of being attacked by fungi. Camphor can relieve pain and heal burns. If you have pain or sore gums, then using this toothpaste may be beneficial.

Sea Salt

Sea salt cannot do any harm, and we all know that sea salt is a much better version of salt than industrial salt.

Natural Plant Essences

All the Thai natural plants combined in a healing mix will help your teeth stay shiny white, clean, and healthy.

Healing Powder

Viset Niyom Toothpaste

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Viset Niyom is a simple formula that is used for centuries in Thailand. The formula works very well and contains no ingredients that may light some alert lamps. It is safe to use, and not only can you use this powder to improve your teeth health, but you can also use it as a skin cleaning powder or even a skin healing powder. Thanks to all-natural ingredients, you can apply this powder without a risk. But still keep in mind that even if the product is natural, you need to use it wisely, not too much, because even a cure in a large dose may become poison.

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