Patanjali Dant Kanti Junior Toothpaste Review

Patanjali Dant Kanti Junior Toothpaste
Dant Kanti is toothpaste for kids

Product Name: Patanjali Dant Kanti

Product Description: Patanjali Dant Kanti is questionable toothpaste and I can only ask you to check it on your own and decide on your own if you want to use it.

  • Teeth Cleaning - 90
  • Health Rate - 1



  • Good Herbal Mixture
  • No Fluoride


  • Contains Triclosan
  • Contains SLS
  • Contains Silica
  • Contains Glycerine
  • Contains Sodium Benzoate

Another Ayurvedic medicine toothpaste. We already reviewed a few of the Ayurvedic products, but this is a new product. Patanjali is not the most popular toothpaste company, but they created an amazing herb toothpaste. Patanjali is a company that is manufacturing various ayurvedic products.Dant Kanti is toothpaste for kids
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Dant Kanti Toothpaste

Dant Kanti is a toothpaste brand created by Patanjali. But in this review, we will focus on Dant Kanti Junior toothpaste. Dant Kanti Junior is made for kids. It is made from various herbal ingredients. All of these herbal ingredients have an enormous impact on dental health. They help in a fight against cavities, as well as keeping your gums healthy. It will also assist you if you have a toothache or bleeding gums.

Is Dant Kanti Safe for Kids?

But many people will only focus on good things and will not see evil things. So, unfortunately, and sadly, I must tell you that this toothpaste will not go near my kid. Like many other toothpaste companies, Dant Kanti Toothpaste uses various chemicals as a base for their toothpaste.

Dant Kanti Problematic Ingredients

First, we must say that major problematic elements like fluoride are not the base ingredients of Dant Kanti. But there are various other questionable elements.

Sorbitol – Sorbitol is a sweetener. So it is not really an Ayurvedic component; it is more like an anti-Ayurvedic thing.

Glycerine – Glycerine is another non-Ayurvedic element- It is really not needed in toothpaste, and all that it does is keeps toothpaste compact.

Sodium Benzoate – It is a preservative. Do you really wish to use chemicals in your mouth?
Also, with a combination of citric acid or Vitamin C, Sodium Benzoate becomes carcinogenic. So, of course, there is a significant role in the dosage of this element in toothpaste. But by knowing it can turn into a carcinogenic thing, you should avoid it. Also, you need to ask yourself what kind of Ayurvedic medicine products is Patanjali selling. Patanjali is turning over in his grave as to how his name is being used. And what all they call Ayurvedic product.

Silica – Most probably Hydrated Silica. It is an artificial abrasive component, and like we often said, it is not needed in toothpaste. But hey, you need to destroy your enamel somehow, so the dentist has some work to do. And silica will help you greatly in that.

Perfume – Yes, you read it right; Dant Kanti uses perfume in toothpaste. If you don’t read the label on the product, you would not know that this kind of element is possible in toothpaste. And once again, I must say that this toothpaste is claimed to be a Patanjali Ayurvedic product. The great commercial trick to sell a bad product to ordinary people, but not to me.

SLS Powder – Yes, you read it right, they are using SLS in toothpaste, and they call it Ayurvedic Toothpaste. If you don’t dig deep into their labels, you would really think that all that herbal mix will make your teeth great. But in the process, you will hurt your body. I think I don’t need to say anything more about SLS; we already know that this is one of the biggest most dangerous ingredients that you can have in toothpaste.

Triclosan – linked to heart disease and heart failure. It is listed as safe by some countries. But do you want to gamble and read in the next few years that you were poisoning yourself? There are already many studies that indicate that this component needs to be avoided in all products, not only oral hygiene products. Triclosan was first listed as a pesticide, and some studies indicate that triclosan can change hormone regulation.

As you read my review and see all the weird ingredients they use in Dant Kanti Toothpaste, you ask yourself what world we are living. How come they can use Patanjali’s name and Ayurvedic

Medicine and sell us this crap under that name?

What’s wrong with these people? Did they not do their research?

Or all they want is to make a nice good looking, and tasty toothpaste that will sell in masses so that they can make more money. So, of course, I will rate them low.

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