People are using toothpaste since 5000 BC. Back then in Egypt people were cleaning their teeth with a powder. They were using dirt or maybe even desert sand. Romans were also using toothpaste, main ingredients were also dirt, crushed bones and other known abrasives of that time. The first decent toothpaste was used by Chinese. In China, people started to apply herbs to the toothpaste. We can say that natural toothpaste is invented in 500 BC in China. Unfortunately, in the last decade, people all over the world are finally switching to use natural toothpaste instead of regular toothpaste which have controversial ingredients.

Ancient teeth


What is a Natural Toothpaste?

There is a huge difference between regular toothpaste and natural toothpaste. We will go in much more details in the following chapter of this article. Term natural toothpaste is not the same for all people. It all depends on your country. Each country has their own laws which determine what ingredients are natural and which are not. Because of that, you can see many controversial reviews on this website. Some ingredients are labeled natural in one country while in other they are on the list of possibly carcinogenic ingredients. My reviews on Natural Toothpaste Brands are based on common sense, and I try to be as objective as I can be.

Natural Toothpaste vs. Regular

Differences between natural toothpaste and regular are huge. Natural toothpaste is free from dangerous detergents as well as free from preservatives or artificial colors and flavors. Most of the time natural toothpaste is vegan-friendly. The most important part is that natural toothpaste is free from fluoride and sodium lauryl sulfate.

Regular toothpaste, on the other hand, is not paying too much attention to the ingredients used in the toothpaste formula. Many regular toothpaste brands still have carcinogenic elements, and they will not change formula anytime soon. Reason for that is people. People are not educated, and they are buying the cheapest possible toothpaste, many times this cheap toothpaste can be extremely expensive.

Regular toothpaste is mainly made with foaming ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, and all of them have more or less fluoride. Since there is no need for natural flavors, all the flavoring is done in the laboratory. Many times these regular toothpaste brands use beautiful colors to attract people to the product. It is easy to make toothpaste with any color when you can use artificial colors.

Is Natural Toothpaste Better?

Natural toothpaste is proven good as the regular toothpaste considering the power of cleaning teeth. Many natural toothpaste brands are recommended by the dentists, and the whole idea about health friendly toothpaste is growing up. And once we add to all that a toothpaste formula that is all natural without any dangerous ingredients, then you can bet the natural toothpaste is better.

Best Natural Toothpaste Reviews

Tea Tree Organic Toothpaste by Urtekram
Urtekram Toothpaste

You can read many natural toothpaste reviews on the website, and I am sure you will without a problem find the best brand that fits you. Most of these natural toothpaste companies are selling their product worldwide.

When I need to pick the best natural toothpaste, then I always provide three types of toothpaste. One of them is standard toothpaste in a tube, the second is a toothpaste formula in a jar, and the third is a tooth cleaning powder.

The best natural toothpaste in a tube by my personal view is Urtekram Toothpaste. This toothpaste is made carefully with all ingredients considered. Because of that, this toothpaste has zero dangerous ingredients.

Coconut oil

Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Best natural toothpaste in a jar is Coconut Oil toothpaste. When I need to choose only one, then I am picking this, but many other jar based toothpastes are good as this one. Coconut Oil toothpaste is 100% natural, and the main ingredient is coconut oil which is considered as the ingredient that has strong healing properties, and it may help in keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

Tooth powder is getting a more interesting alternative to the toothpaste and in many cases a good addition as a new way to keep your teeth clean. Tooth powders are more abrasive and can remove stains as well as keep your smile white. You can use tooth powder along the toothpaste. The best tooth powder contains activated charcoal which is proven to be very beneficial at keeping your teeth white. Natural Whitening Tooth and Gum Powder is my choice in the powder category. This tooth powder has activated charcoal and will keep your teeth white. It can also remove plaque and stains in a short time.

Charcoal Powder

Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal

Natural Toothpaste Ingredients

I will not talk about all the possible ingredients you can find in the natural toothpaste, but I will just mention the most common ones. Many natural toothpaste products use coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a perfect ingredient because it has healing properties but at the same time can keep the whole toothpaste formula last longer by preventing bacteria and mold to get in the tube.

Sugar alcohols are also common in many toothpastes, these sugar alcohols are not really that important, but they have their own purpose. Some of them like Xylitol, Sorbitol, and even Glycerin are proven to help clean your teeth. I am not a big fan of them, and in my early reviews I was strict on the toothpaste that had sugar alcohols, but after long research all over the internet I have come to the conclusion that these elements are neutral, they ain’t harmful but at the same time help in cleaning the teeth.

Natural flavors and colors are the fact in the natural toothpaste product if the toothpaste is not using natural flavors or colors then that can’t be natural toothpaste.

Sugar Alcohols


Natural Toothpaste for Kids

When we talk about natural toothpaste for kids, then we need to know that in that formula there should be zero questionable ingredients. Every parent wants best for his kid and buying the best toothpaste for kids is the top priority of every family.

Little ones at early days should not even bother with teeth cleaning especially if they are on a healthy diet without candy. If your kid is eating lots of cookies and candy, I am afraid there is no toothpaste that will prevent caries and tooth decay. Kids have temporary teeth or so-called milk teeth. Baby teeth will be lost and on their place will grow permanent teeth, but if your kid keeps the proper hygiene and have a good healthy diet, the milk teeth can be used for many years.

Considering all the ingredients I can only recommend Earth Best toothpaste for kids. The formula of Earths Best toothpaste for kids is carefully created and contains zero dangerous elements. But you can also search for other brands, just make sure there is no dangerous ingredient in the formula.

Earths Best

Earths Best Toothpaste for Kids

Natural Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth need special treatment. You can not use abrasive toothpaste on the sensitive teeth. You should not even watch at the toothpaste that contains sodium bicarbonate, activated charcoal, and dirt. You should avoid abrasive toothpaste.

Pulling Oil Detox


My best suggestion for you is to use GuruNanda Oil, you can pull the oil, and as soon as your teeth become less sensitive, you can consider some other type of low abrasive toothpaste. Look for the toothpaste that has many oils and zero abrasive ingredients. I can suggest Uncle Harrys Natural Toothpaste.

Uncle Harrys Natural Toothpaste

Uncle Harry

Homemade Natural Toothpaste

If natural toothpaste brands are too expensive and some of these toothpastes are costly, then you can consider making the toothpaste on your own. My favorite natural toothpaste recipe is the one with only two ingredients.

Coconut Oil and Baking Soda

You can buy virgin coconut oil and baking soda in any store, or you can order from Amazon. All you need to do is slowly warm coconut oil and make it liquid. After that, you add sodium bicarbonate and mix everything up. You should make this toothpaste in a small jar that will last you for one month. There is no preservatives or other ingredients that may prevent bacteria and mold growth, because of that it is best to use this toothpaste in one month.

Homemade Natural Toothpaste Recipe for Kids

Kids need flavors and some extra ingredients and not only coconut oil and baking soda. The main ingredient is coconut oil and baking soda. But in this recipe, you add some water and in the water dissolve high mineral salt. For a good taste, you should consider adding stevia. Stevia is natural sugar which is actually no sugar at all. But it will give an excellent taste to the toothpaste. Essential oils can be added too. Aim for sweet essential oils and avoid strong essential oils like peppermint because your kid will not like the toothpaste with a strong taste.

I hope now you know all you wanted to know about natural toothpaste. If you have any questions or maybe I miss some topics that should be covered let me know.

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