Natural Toothpaste Brands Need Attorney

Dear visitors, I need to write a sad story. has been censored. I had to remove several negative reviews because I was threatened with a lawsuit and personally. This website is made as a hobby since I follow a natural way of life. My goal was to comment on controversial and harmful ingredients that you can find even in natural toothpaste.

If you read all my reviews, you know that I praise a great product, and I am very strict with products that contain dangerous ingredients. My reviews are my opinions about ingredients used in toothpaste formulas. We all know what ingredients we don’t want to consume. Apparently, I am not allowed to state my opinions that may harm someone’s business. If that is a law, fine, I will stop with negative reviews and only review toothpaste that is worth a study. I will also need to be extremely careful what I write and will surely not be able to write what I think about some products. Need Pro Bono Attorney

Last several days, I was investigating a law, but I am baffled. I opened some topics on forums and got mixed information. Some people say I can express my opinions; some say I can not talk about anyone’s business badly because that may harm them. When you are without a law attorney and have no money to afford one, you are really in a bad position.

But if I have the right to express my opinions about the ingredients used in toothpaste, I will need an attorney. If anyone of you is an attorney and want to represent me or help me in any way for free, please contact me. I ask for a free lawyer because I don’t have money. I need an attorney to defend my right to express my right to free speech. Also, I accept donations; maybe with donations, I will be able to buy an attorney.

But not only do I need the attorney to defend my right to free speech, but I also need the attorney to sue others because the last contact I had with one company owner was emotionally stressful to me as well; at some point, I have fear for my life. But thankfully, I realize there is no threat because the person was 10 000 miles away from me.

Please help me get back to writing reviews about toothpaste ingredients by sharing this page with other people, and maybe I find a pro bono attorney who would like to represent me in court.

Your Freeman!

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