Dr Organic Pomegranate Toothpaste Review

Dr Organic Pomegranate Toothpaste
  • Teeth Cleaning - 81
  • Health Rate - 33



  • None


  • Contains Aroma
  • Contains Fluoride
  • Contains SLS

This is our first Dr. Organic review and I m not 100% sure if they are saying that their toothpaste is natural or what else can organic mean? The brand name is organic, and you would expect that their products are organic. Or it is just a marketing trick to deceive a customer. Like if some company by name Ferrari is selling old Ford Fiesta under the name Ferrari. That is the case with DR. Organic. There is nothing organic in their Dr. Organic Pomegranate toothpaste. They use all possible chemicals that you can find in conventional toothpaste.Dr Organic Toothpaste
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Dr. Organic Pomegranate Toothpaste is not cheap but contains dangerous chemicals

Chemicals like:

Glycerin – It is not needed in toothpaste. Glycerin purpose is to make toothpaste taste better. So people can buy more product. So I m not sure if we should blame them or the people.

Sorbitol – Like Glycerin is not enough, so they need to use Sorbitol as well. Sorbitol is also artificial sweetener. Sorbitol purpose is just like Glycerin. It makes toothpaste taste better.

Hydrated silica – Many natural kinds of toothpaste use this ingredient. It is very common, but we said it is not really the healthy ingredient. It can hurt your teeth enamel. Silica is used to make your teeth whiter.

Aroma – This ingredient is a huge mystery. Under the label aroma, there can be heavy, dangerous things. So this mystery ingredient can hide many things.

Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate – This one is one of the famous, dangerous chemicals that you should avoid at all cost. This ingredient in some forms can cause cancer.

Sodium mono fluorophosphate – This is just a fancier name for fluoride. You can read what Fluoride in toothpaste can do to you on another topic we recently published.

EscinEscin is not organic nor natural ingredient. So why is then inside toothpaste with the Organic brand?

As you see Dr. Organic toothpaste have many artificial made components. I don’t understand why they didn’t try and create something more natural if their brand name is Dr. Organic. Or they just try to squeeze what can be squeezed from people that don’t read ingredients. Because if you read the label of this toothpaste you would think this is natural organic toothpaste. But just after you start reading Dr. Organic ingredients you see that this toothpaste is full of chemicals. And I m not talking about some soft chemicals that may or may not be harmful. I m talking about chemicals like SLS and fluoride. These two chemicals need to be avoided at all cost.

Dr. Organic also left a warning message on their tube that says: “In case of intake of fluoride from other sources consult a dentist or doctor. Due to the ingredients of natural origin, color and consistency may vary from batch to batch. This does not affect the quality of the product.”

Call me crazy, but I don’t want something that can ruin me. I can use it as much as I want it, and I want it to be healthy. If you disagree, then go ahead buy this product. I will pass.

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