Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste Free From Fluoride

Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste
  • Teeth Cleaning - 100
  • Health Rate - 91


Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste is a unique toothpaste that uses coconut oil as teeth medicine. It works and people love it.


  • Free from Fluoride
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Peroxide
  • No Chemicals
  • Easy to Use


  • Price

DR. Ginger is made by dentists who promote oral hygiene with natural products free from chemicals and other unwanted questionable parts. DR. Ginger has 35 years of experience in dental medicine. All products made by DR. Ginger are fluoride-free. Coconut Oil Toothpaste is one of the most famous natural toothpaste in the USA.

With Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste, your teeth will be brighter, fresher, and your gums will stay healthy. This toothpaste prevents bacteria grow, protects against the cavity as well promotes gum health.

Dr. Ginger is also popular with its unique coconut oil products, which many patients in the USA use as oil pulling. We already mentioned oil pulling before on naturaltoothpastebrands.com, and it is evident that this old technique still works. But today, we can use special oils that can even improve oil pulling and, in return, give better results than our ancestors had several thousand years ago.

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Coconut Oil

Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste Ingredients

Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste is free from fluoride, peroxide, alcohol, sugar and is not using any artificial sweeteners or dyes.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the main ingredient of this toothpaste. Coconut oil is well known as a detoxifying agent and a great combatant against bacteria. Its main job is to keep teeth fresh and free from unwanted bacteria that attack teeth in toothpaste. Coconut oil is used for thousands of years as a medicine for teeth.

Coconut oil solidifies at low temperatures, but in this toothpaste is special coconut oil, which will stay in liquid form.

Hydrated Silica

Toothpaste just needs to have some abrasive agent that can remove stains. If you smoke or love to drink coffee, then the abrasive agent is required to make your teeth white and shiny again.

Titanium Dioxide

A research team from Netherland has found out that E171, or so-called Titanium Dioxide is free to use in the food industry. Now in toothpaste, only a small amount is used. It is used as an additive that keeps toothpaste fresh for a longer time. It is naturally found in nature.


Another ingredient that helps with remineralization is Xylitol. It is polyalcohol derived from plants, and it is an excellent cavity destroyer.

Mint Flavor

In the end, decent toothpaste needs to taste good. The mint flavor gives you a good taste, but also it will keep your mouth fresh for a longer time.

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DR Ginger Coconut Oil Toothpaste

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We know that natural toothpaste contains natural products that are derived naturally, and because of that, the price for such toothpaste is higher than conventional toothpaste. Conventional toothpaste is created faster and in large quantities because most of the ingredients are immediately available. Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste uses coconut oil as the main ingredient to keep teeth healthy. We already write about many other coconut oil toothpaste, proving that coconut oil in teeth medicine works. Clinical tests also confirmed that. Top dental care chemists test Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Oil Toothpaste in the USA.

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