Natural Toothpaste Brands vs Conventional

The World is changing, and people are more and more concerned about their health. That why many people seek natural alternatives for their products. Such a thing is with toothpaste. Many people run away from conventional toothpaste and look for the best natural toothpaste brands for their teeth and health.Sodium Fluoride Poison

How are Conventional Toothpaste Brands Different

Conventional or, let say, standard toothpaste is made in a laboratory. The regular toothpaste industry doesn’t bother with extracting flavors and other ingredients from nature. They create all the components in the laboratory. Normal toothpaste will contain artificial flavors, sweeteners, and colors, while natural toothpaste will contain flavorings extracted from natural ingredients. Sweeteners will not be artificially created but derived from nature. But like we many times stated, sweeteners are not needed in toothpaste if you only want the best thing for your health and teeth, but if you are looking for tasty toothpaste, you better look at some sweet natural toothpaste. Also, using sweeteners in toothpaste is debatable since sugar is the number one reason for a cavity. Natural toothpaste brands will not contain colors, while conventional toothpaste brands will have artificially made colors—that why regular toothpaste looks better because it comes in all that different color.

Fluoride is the main reason to avoid conventional toothpaste brands; we already said so much about fluoride. It is believed that fluoride will help your teeth, but recent studies show no difference between people who use fluoride and those who don’t use it. Also, fluoride is believed to have an adverse influence on humans’ brains, which is why so many people start to avoid fluoride.

Preservatives are used in conventional toothpaste to make sure toothpaste lasts long. In other words, to make more money for the manufacturer since the product can last longer. Unfortunately, many of these preservatives are linked to cancer and another disease. Most modern conventional toothpaste preservatives are sodium benzoate and paraben.

Recently we had an article about sodium lauryl sulfate and how bad is this ingredient for your health. You better stay away from this ingredient whose only purpose is to make toothpaste foam. Unfortunately, this element is heavily used in the car wash industry, so you can see only that this ingredient is a serious chemical.

Concerns that natural toothpaste brands won’t clean your teeth

People are afraid to use natural toothpaste because they believe that fluoride is needed o prevent the cavity. But we already said, and there are many types of research done about fluoride and the danger of fluoride in the human body. True is that you don’t need fluoride or any other chemical to clean your teeth. Some African tribes use a stick to clean their teeth, and they have beautiful white strong teeth. They don’t use any toothpaste. You can do the same if you live a healthy life without processed food and don’t consume industry-made products. You can wash your teeth with water and a toothbrush and probably won’t have any problems. Your teeth will be white and clean, but you must eat 100% healthy food all the time. There is also magical coconut oil. Pulling coconut oil for 20 minutes every morning can clean your teeth better than any conventional toothpaste.

So you have alternatives. Natural toothpaste brands are so much safer than conventional ones. They don’t contain artificially made chemicals, and most natural brands are dumping questionable ingredients like carrageenan, Xanthan Gum, and others. But you must understand that there is also a big difference between natural toothpaste brands. Some natural toothpaste brands just use the word natural to sell their garbage toothpaste under the natural label. But also, there are 100% natural toothpaste brands like Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, TruthPaste Natural Ayurvedic Toothpaste, and Weleda: Natural Salt Toothpaste. I deeply recommend that you try one of these products and see for yourself.

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