Kiss My Face Toothpaste – Berry Smart Review

Kiss My Face Toothpaste Berry Smart
  • Teeth Cleaning - 88
  • Health Rate - 73



  • No Fluoride
  • No SLS
  • No Preservatives
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Parabens


  • Contains Sorbic Acid
  • Contains Carrageenan

Kiss My Face Toothpaste Berry Smart is a natural product made for kids. At least that is what it says under the description of this toothpaste. And this is our first review of Kiss My Face Toothpaste. Tube of Kiss my Face toothpaste looks exquisite. It is very attractive, especially for little kids. Kids don’t like to brush their teeth. But if they have a tasty, good looking tube, they will use it more willingly.

Advertising of Kiss My Face toothpaste is good. They state all the great things, and they don’t talk about bad things. And average person can ask himself if Kiss My Face Toothpaste is really organic. So I will also talk first about their good things.Kiss My Face Toothpaste
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Good things about Berry Smart Kiss My Face Toothpaste

This toothpaste is fluoride free. Being free from fluoride is magnificent news because we have already reviewed some natural toothpaste that contains fluoride. All ingredients in the toothpaste are vegan-friendly. Vegan-friendly means ingredients are not tested on animals, and no harm was done to animals. Berry Smart is also free from SLS and Parabens. These chemicals are nasty things that you can mainly find in conventional toothpaste. But also some bad natural toothpaste brands use this chemical. All flavors are natural, and it does not contain preservatives.

Bad things Berry Smart Toothpaste:

Like always, it is really hard to find a perfectly natural product. Berry Smart follows the trend. They use already known problematic ingredients, just like the majority of the natural toothpaste companies.

Vegetable Glycerin – the good thing is that this Glycerin is a vegetable substance. But the bad thing is that vegetable glycerin is not needed in toothpaste. They need it to create a sweet feeling in your mouth. So this ingredient brings no benefit to your teeth care.

Hydrated Silica – as already stated many times before in other reviews, it is debatable how natural is this ingredient. Silica is not suitable for brushing, especially not for little kids. It can hurt your teeth enamel. And the more you brush with silica more damage you do. And we know that children are forced to brush their teeth after each meal.

Xylitol – Really what to say about this. Some companies don’t love dogs. I know that may be a small amount of this substance won’t kill a dog, but if all people on earth start using xylitol toothpaste, this would be a dangerous world for dogs.

Carrageenan – if you follow this website, then you already know that this ingredient may be hazardous to all humans. But finding this in the kid’s toothpaste will drop the rate for Berry Smart Toothpaste. How come they put a possibly cancerogenic substance in the kid’s toothpaste? And they say; “Brush after each meal!”. We need to know what type of carrageenan they use.

Sorbic Acid – this is additive. Sorbic Acid is an organic compound, but it is preservative.

Sadly I can’t rate high this toothpaste that contains possibly cancerogenic substances. And I will give an even lower rate because this toothpaste is made for kids. If they make a product for children, then they should ensure that it is 100% healthy. Overall is not bad toothpaste, but I can’t give top rates.

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