Australian Riddells Creek Organic Toothpaste Review

Riddells Creek Organic Toothpaste
  • Teeth Cleaning - 87
  • Health Rate - 72



  • Vegan-Friendly
  • No Fluoride or SLS
  • No Preservatives
  • Lots of Organic Oils


  • Contains Xanthan Gum
  • Doubtful Ingredients

One of the dedicated readers emailed me this Australian toothpaste brand. It is Australian certified organic toothpaste. But we will investigate if all ingredients inside this toothpaste are really organic or artificially made in a laboratory. Riddells Creek claims that their toothpaste is without fluoride, sulfates, and mineral oils. Advertising components are sodium bicarbonate and organic peppermint. And as you already know I have only positive feelings about sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is a cheap ingredient. Sodium bicarbonate is a very useful component; it is used to clean things. That why Riddells Creek uses it in toothpaste, to make your teeth white.Organic Toothpaste

Riddells Creek Toothpaste Ingredients

When I look at the ingredient list, only one element turn the red lamp in my head. It was famous Xanthan Gum. 95% of natural and most probably 100% of conventional kinds of toothpaste use this component. Xanthan Gum is additive and is not really a necessary ingredient in toothpaste. Kids and pregnant woman better stay away from products containing xanthan gum.

Two more ingredients are new in Riddells Creek toothpaste that we rarely see in other natural toothpaste brands. Saponified Organic Coconut oil and Saponified Organic Olive oil. Now you probably ask yourself what that is. It is not really a so bad thing, but it is more of a marketing trick, but I m not sure if it is a good or bad trick. Since word saponified indicates some kind of chemical mix. But it is not so, saponified oils are used to make paste-like products, it is used organic oil and sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide to make a foaming feeling. This two hydroxides are not really organic and are not really healthy. Which one Riddells Creek use it is unknown since they didn’t list it on the ingredient list. It is also possible that they use some other combination and want to keep it a secret, but I hardly believe in that. Sodium Hydroxide is listed as a moderate hazard component.

And Potassium Hydroxide is not allowed to be used in cosmetics in the European Union. By knowing that we understand that Potassium hydroxide is harmful, but also, sodium hydroxide is linked in some research studies to cancer. If you use sodium hydroxide for more than 15 years, it may increase the possibility of cancer. So if I were you, I would contact the Riddells Creek and ask them if they use any of these ingredients in their toothpaste and ask them about the whole saponified oil process. I will contact them and write their responses below.

All other ingredients are organic oils and extracts, and we need to praise that. There are not many toothpaste brands that use so many natural oils and extracts.

Riddells Creek Toothpaste is manufactured by Organic Formulations. Organic Formulations is committed to organics. Organic Formulations guarantee that all products are made with certified organic ingredients without synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances. Their products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We can start a debate about synthetic chemicals since we found Xanthan Gum in Riddells Creek toothpaste.

For now, I will rate Riddells Creek high, but if I don’t get the answer from them about Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Hydroxide, I will lower the rate significantly. After all, we want to use a naturally healthy product.

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