Lumineux Oral Essentials – Natural Toothpaste

Lumineux Oral Essentials
  • Teeth Cleaning - 95
  • Health Rate - 48



  • No Fluoride
  • No SLS
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Hydrogen Peroxide
  • No Artificial Flavors


  • No Artificial Flavors
  • Also Contains Some Not Needed Ingredients

Lumineux Oral Essentials is what we needed on the marketplace. The company that will provide high-quality toothpaste that is not dangerous to use. By saying dangerous, I don’t mean that you will have direct problems visible on your health status if you use conventional toothpaste. Using regular toothpaste will not make you ill, you can not tell the difference. But in many other combinations which include factors of using something that is not natural and have the potential to become hazardous using a natural toothpaste may make the difference.

Somebody who does not care about their health eats junk food all the time, drinks, smoke and maybe even use drugs should not start to change their life by switching from conventional to a natural toothpaste. They have more significant problems to combat. Many people are not aware of the issues and things they do to the body. Because of that choice, a natural toothpaste is not really that popular. At the same time, we can say that people are starting to choose natural toothpaste over conventional and the proof is this company and many others.

The company exists if they have customers, so the natural product customers are growing. The world is sick and tired of cheap, low quality and at the same time unhealthy products. Many companies produce cheap toothpaste and then sell it for a high price, they are taking huge profits, I hope the natural toothpaste companies will change this.


Lumineux Oral Essentials Original

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Lumineux Oral Essentials Toothpaste

The company so far released four different types of toothpaste. They basically covered all the needs. If you are looking for a natural whitening toothpaste, then you will choose Lumineux Oral Essentials Whitening. The clean and Fresh formula is a standard formula which the primary purpose is to keep your mouth fresh and clean. If you have sensitive teeth, then you should choose Sensitivity formula. The company even covered kids with their kid’s recipe which has a beautiful design and taste of the strawberry. I bet your kids will love the strawberry taste, I know mine does.

Lumineux Oral Essentials Toothpaste Main Ingredients

Aloe Vera

An extremely popular ingredient not only in toothpaste but in all other cosmetic products. The world knows a good property of aloe vera. In the toothpaste is used a leaf juice.

Vegetable Glycerin and Hydrated Silica

Glycerin is not wanted component, and I am sure I have to bash other toothpaste brands for using it, but here we are talking about natural vegetable glycerin and hydrated silica that is derived from nature. Now I am not sure about the process of doing that, but the company claims that vegetable glycerine and naturally hydrated silica are easy on enamel and much better choice than standard glycerin and silica.

Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate

Unfortunately, this is a foaming agent, but thankfully it is not as harmful as SLS. It is derived naturally from coconut fat, and that makes it natural. There is not much other information about this component so I can’t say if it is good or bad. Let’s call it questionable but good.

Leaf Oil

Cleaning power and health benefits of Lumineux Oral Essentials toothpaste are coming from leaf oil. The toothpaste formula uses various types of leaf oil, wintergreen, peppermint, and spearmint.


I have talked about carrageenan ingredient in the ingredients category, and it is one of the ingredients that should be avoided in toothpaste because many companies don’t label what type of the carrageenan they use. Lumineux Oral Essentials marked them, and you can read that the carrageenan is food graded which means it is safe to use. Also, only 0.03% is used in the formula, with putting all on the paper the carrageenan is not the problem in this toothpaste.

Xanthan Gum

This ingredient is also, and I didn’t like it before, but with time my experience and knowledge grows and I can now say that my standing on this ingredient is neutral. I still say that this component is not needed, but if the company still use it in their formula, I am not going to say anything bad about it because the element is harmless.


Lumineux Oral Essentials Sensitivity

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Titanium Dioxide

Now we got to the part that makes this whole claim of the safe to swallow toothpaste under a question. I am not sure how much of this component is in the toothpaste, but I have written before on other reviews that the Titanium dioxide is carcinogenic and even websites which deal with cosmetic safety put an alert on this ingredient. Honestly, I don’t know what were they thinking when adding this component, is it essential to the formula?

In my humble opinion, this component can just drive customers away. I am sorry, but I am that customer, I won’t put something that is potentially carcinogenic in my mouth, not to say putting it into my kid’s mouth.

Other Ingredients

Each of their toothpaste has additional ingredients which are not that important and does not make any difference to the product. Kids formula contains natural strawberry flavor. Sensitivity formula has some acidic ingredients left from the original formula, and that’s it.


Lumineux Oral Essentials Whitening

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I can still suggest this toothpaste to people who have no concerns about titanium dioxide, and by no means, this toothpaste is a hundred times better than any conventional toothpaste. But there are rankings, some toothpaste brands are better than others. Lumineux Oral Essentials is not the best, and I am saying that mainly because of the usage of titanium dioxide. If some of the workers from the Lumineux Oral Essentials is reading this I would like to know the explanation behind this ingredient, I would gladly share it with my audience. Maybe there is something that we don’t know, and they do. Until then I am rating this toothpaste as mediocre natural toothpaste brand.

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