Herbodent Toothpaste with Ayurvedic Formula Review

Herbodent Toothpaste with Ayurvedic Formula
  • Teeth Cleaning - 98
  • Health Rate - 35



  • No Fluoride
  • Ayurvedic Formula
  • Lots of Essential Oils
  • No Gelatin
  • No Artificial Flavours


  • Contains Paraben
  • Contains Colors
  • Contains SLS
  • Contains Preservatives

When I was looking for new natural toothpaste to review I have found Herbodent and if you just read good things about this toothpaste you would think this is the best toothpaste out there. But this statement is far from the truth.Herbodent Ayurvedic Toothpaste
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Good things about Herbodent Toothpaste

Let’s first talk about good things in Herbodent toothpaste. Believe it or not, this toothpaste uses an old Ayurvedic recipe. The recipe that contains many Ayurvedic herbs and oils. You will get a real health benefit from this herbs. There are many herbs, herbs that you probably never heard off. But some of them you know are Neem, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Coriander. All of this ingredients are very healthy. And I m sure will make your teeth white and gums healthy. The manufacturer of Herbodent toothpaste claims that there are no artificial flavors, no chalk powder, and no gelatin. Also, this toothpaste is fluoride free. Knowing all this you would go and grab this magnificent product.

But wait. Please follow on reading, because now things get ugly. The company that creates this toothpaste based on Ayurveda Pharmacology have packed this Ayurvedic formula in the worst possible mixture. Ok maybe this formula does not contain Fluoride, but it has Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Every decent natural toothpaste is running away from SLS, but Herbodent places God-given Ayurvedic Formula in the same tube with SLS poison. But this is not the end of the dangerous ingredient included in this toothpaste. Toothpaste formula contains three preservatives. And these are not natural chemicals like coconut oil or Lemon. These compounds are made in labs.

Imidurea – Used in cosmetics. But many cosmetics are kicking this chemical out of their product because people don’t want to place this crap on their face. But here we have it in the toothpaste that you put in your mouth.

Paraben – It contains both parabens, like one paraben, is not enough. It has methylparaben and propylparaben. And I just did a search if there is any other toothpaste on the website with paraben. I did not found a single Natural toothpaste that uses paraben. But I found several of them that state that their toothpaste is free from paraben. That tells you enough how bad is this thing.

Colors are also used in Herbodent toothpaste. Brilliant Blue and Tatrazine. Somehow I doubt these are natural colors. But both of this colors have E numbers: E-113 Brilliant Blue and E-102 Tartrazine. Brilliant Blue is a synthetic dye. And Tartrazine is very controversial. There are some rumors that it can affect male potency and even shrink a penis. No research confirmed that. But since this color has no other benefit than glowing a yellow or green color you better don’t take it. Just to stay the on the safe side. What is the difference between white and green color? Yea you can say green looks better, but are you willing to bet your penis on it?

Founders of Ayurveda are probably turning in the grave knowing how is the ancient Ayurvedic toothpaste formula used. It is not used to promote health, but to make money on the brand of Ayurveda. In today’s corporation world you need to be careful. Always read small letters and always stay alert when things sound too good to be true. But my quest on finding the proper Ayurvedic toothpaste continues.

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