Earthpaste Lemon Twist Review

Earthpaste Lemon Twist
  • Teeth Cleaning - 95
  • Health Rate - 88



  • No Fluoride
  • No SLS
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Perservatives


  • Concerns about Lead
  • Concerns about Aluminium

Earthpaste Lemon Twist is a new toothpaste that uses lemon oil as an ingredient. I have never before heard about toothpaste that uses lemon oil, so I decided to see if this toothpaste is worth the money. I know I made a review of Redmon Earthpaste Natural Toothpaste and at first look, it was not so good, but recently I made the update because I received new information that clears some misunderstandings about lead inside Bentonite clay.

Lead in Bentonite Clay

Disclaimer about lead in the toothpaste is just because of the law. Amounts of lead inside the toothpaste are even smaller than you are probably consuming while eating spinach. But it is interesting how Earthpaste needed to put this disclaimer and some other companies as well use Bentonite clay, but don’t have this kind of disclaimer. Maybe they clay is free from lead or maybe they don’t have an obligation by the law to put that sort of disclaimer. I really can’t say anything about this. But traces of lead are really minuscule. So you can probably use it without problems. Of course, there are still some concerns and because of that people are in doubts.

Video Explanation of Lead in Bentonite Clay

But let talk about good things about Earthpaste Lemon Twist

Lemon is an unusual ingredient, and we all know it is very beneficial for humans health. As well it is known as an excellent cleaner. So with essential oils from Lemon, you can really make your teeth clean and white. Not only it uses Lemon essential oils but as well other similar essential oils like tangerine, lime and lemon verbana essential oil.

Food Grade Redmond Clay is safe to use. But as well there are some concerns that it contains aluminum. But things with aluminum are similar to the things with lead in Bentonite clay. Scientist even says that human body can not absorb aluminum in Bentonite clay.

Xylitol is proven to help teeth, but it is also poison for dogs, so keep your dogs away from this toothpaste. Also, Xylitol is one of the great sugar alcohols that for now are on the positive side if you don’t overconsume them.

Real Salt is the ingredient that we don’t need to talk about. Everyone use salt in everyday meals. Salt is really not a problem, maybe if you read that too much salt can harm you, it is a just short story. The long story is that processed salt in massive amounts that are used in the meat industry is hurting you. Not a table salt from Himalaya or Sea salt. Sea salt and Himalayan salt even have health benefits.

Lemon Twist by Earthpaste is a fantastic product with few concerns, but IMO this is just misunderstandings. But still, if you are afraid you can skip this toothpaste, but still other types of toothpaste may have these same concern ingredients even if they don’t have a disclaimer. It is all about the law. If a company need to put this kind of disclaimer or no.

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