Best Anti Plaque Toothpaste for Your Teeth

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a colorless film that forms on teeth. It is bacteria buildup that hangs on your teeth. Because of plaque, you can have serious teeth problems. If you don’t clean your teeth and remove plaque, it will form into tartar.

Tartar vs. Plaque

Both tartar and plaque are build by bacteria. That why it is important to have a good toothpaste that will remove bacteria and prevent plaque forming and tartar building.

The difference between tartar and plaque is that plaque you can easily remove with proper toothpaste. If you wash your teeth regularly with toothpaste that contains for example sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) you can prevent plaque buildup. But if you don’t remove plaque it can form into tartar and tartar is not so easy to remove. It usually needs special dental equipment to remove tartar.

The problem with tartar is that can prevent teeth cleaning, flossing and brushing and then the problem just grows each day.

But thankfully science is growing in teeth cleaning sector and as you probably already know some toothpaste can even remove tartar. In fact, these are not toothpaste but powder. Powder that you put on your teeth and then brush. Not only you will get white teeth but also remove all plaque and tartar.

Best Anti Plaque Toothpaste Sorted by Plaque Removing Efficiency

  • Fat and the Moon : Tooth Polish

One of the best powders to destroy plaque and tartar. Fat and the Moon toothpaste contains all needed ingredients to fight plaque. Kaolin clay and baking soda are most important in the formula. But still, this toothpaste is not too abrasive for your enamel.

Tooth Polish is Vegan-friendly and does not contain any harmful ingredients. That why I rated this toothpaste very high.

Teeh Polish

Fat and the Moon: Tooth Polish Powder

  • The Dirt Organic Tooth Brushing Powder

The Dirt just like Tooth Polish is a powder. Not really a toothpaste. But these powders are cleaning teeth better than many other standard form kinds of toothpaste.

The Dirt has more ingredients than Tooth Polish toothpaste, but for plaque fight, only bentonite clay and baking soda are essential. But don’t get me wrong, all other ingredients help in plaque prevention. Any antibacterial ingredient will help in plaque fight.

Teeth Remineralisation Powder

The Dirt Organic Tooth Brushing Powder

  • Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal

Like the title say, it is another powder toothpaste. Activated charcoal is one of best things for white teeth. Maybe your teeth will get dirty at brushing, but after you rinse them with water, you will have a white smile.

Activated charcoal can also help in plaque removal. It is abrasive enough. If activated charcoal doesn’t do the job, bentonite clay will remove plaque. This toothpaste also has other essential ingredients to fight bacteria.

Charcoal Powder

Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated Charcoal

  • Tuxedo Tooth Whitening Powder

Tuxedo is a natural toothpaste that contains zero dangerous chemicals. Activated coconut shell charcoal is number one ingredient for whitening teeth. Like I said, activated charcoal can help in plaque fight, but an essential component to destroy plaque is bentonite clay.

Calcium bentonite clay in Tuxedo toothpaste is entirely natural and not only will it help remove plaque but as well will detoxify your mouth.

Tuxedo Powder

Tuxedo Tooth Whitening Powder

  • Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

There are not many ingredients in Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste. Only 3 of them, organic virgin coconut oil, spearmint oil, and baking soda. Oils may help in the bacterial fight, but to remove plaque baking soda is needed.

Baking soda as the only ingredient that may remove plaque in this toothpaste is enough. Of course, when you use different abrasive materials like charcoal or clay it is better, but only sodium bicarbonate is sufficient to clean plaque.

Coconut oil

Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

  • Lucky Teeth Organic Toothpaste

Lucky Teeth toothpaste is free from fluoride, SLS and other problematic ingredients that have no right to be in your mouth. This toothpaste is made from many essential oils that will for sure kill bacteria in your mouth.

But baking soda is the one who will destroy plaque and make your teeth white. Lucky Teeth toothpaste is not so affordable like some other toothpaste on the list, but the reason for this is in many essential oils. Essential oils can really help in plaque prevention.

lucky teeth

Lucky Teeth Organic Toothpaste

Whatever toothpaste you choose from the list above you can’t go wrong. They all have ingredients that will remove plaque. But not only that, they all have antibacterial ingredients that will prevent plaque buildup.

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