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About Natural Toothpaste Brands Website


Our goal is to provide best natural toothpaste brands to you

We are living in the time when people get smart and understand that big companies just want to take their money away. Big corporations just want to sell you their products and they are doing it with dirty tactics. Our goal is to check and see if their product is really healthy or it is just labeled as natural. You can read some of the low graded toothpaste reviews and you will see that this companies will use any kind of ingredients that can bring they sales up.

And our mission is write about their tricks. We will review all natural toothpaste brands and write if their product is really lean or just wear a label natural or organic. Many companies use the laws that allow them to label their products with natural or organic term and in product they use chemicals that are far from organic or natural term.
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Our History


We have registered www.naturaltoothpastebrands.com domain. 01.12.2014 is our date of birth. On same date we published our first review:?Natures Gate Creme De Peppermint


This date is very important. We have found first 10/10 natural toothpaste: Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

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